Water Catchment Systems

At Island Catchment Company we believe that a properly designed and maintained Rainwater Catchment System can be a reliable source of quality household water for many years.

We strive to provide our customers with the knowledge that they need in order to make sensible choices for their home and family.

100percent tested and researched

All of our products have been researched and tested for their ability to give our customers the best value in Rainwater Catchment Systems.

Water Tanks, Covers & Liners

Over 50 different sizes of water tanks for home and business water supply. From 1,500 gallons all the way up 106,000 gallons.

Pumps & Pressure Tanks

We supply quality pumps built to provide decades of reliable service

Filtration & Purification

We stock the largest selection of sediment filters for water catchment systems! Checkout our line of UV sterilization systems for safe water.

Catchment System Accessories

We have the most comprehensive inventory of Water Catchment System Accessories to keep your water system clean and operating efficiently.

Complete Installation Services

Need a water catchment tank installed? Contact us today for more information and a quote!

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