Island Catchment water tanks2

Water Tanks & Covers

We offer over 50 different sizes of water tanks, of which we consistently maintain an inventory of 20 of the most popular sizes at all times.

Complete Water Supply Systems

We supply all the components necessary for a complete rain catchment system for residential or commercial applications.

Island Catchment pumps and filters

Over 52 Years Supplying Hawai‘i Water Systems

Island Catchment Company started supplying Water Tanks in the State of Hawaii in 1970. Our extensive experience over the years has enabled us to provide our customers with the very best value for their water storage needs.

Guidelines for Rainwater Catchment Systems for Hawaii

CTAHR Hawaii - University of Hawaii Manoa

Learn everything you need to know about rainwater catchments and water supply in Hawaii with this free guide by Patricia S. Macomber published by CTAHR Hawaii - University of Hawaii Manoa. See Hawaii Rainwater Catchment Systems Program for more resources.

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